Hailing from a traditional Rababi family (musicians employed in the Sikh temples of Punjab), Tari Khan learned under Shaukat Hussain Khan in Lahore and became famous as the accompanist of the ghazal singer Ghulam Ali (his "Chupke Chupke" was a major hit back in the early 1980s). Tari always provided an exquisite accompaniment: clean, crisp thekas with astonishingly quick and interesting laggis to punctuate the verses. Because of that international exposure, musicians in India got to hear of him at a time when little cultural news escaped from Pakistan, and most were impressed with this show of virtuosity. Since then, Tari has gone on to international fame as a tabla showman. His "International Kaherva" was a popular item (a musical journey round the world that incorporated other musical styles into the basic kaherva pattern). I provide here not the international version but rather a more traditional kaherva/dadra sequence with laggis (fast variations based on the structure of the theka).

 Here is some videos

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