1892-1974; Farukhabad tradition

Masit Khan was the son of Nanne Khan and the great-great grandson of "Haji" Vilayat Ali Khan, the figure whom members of the Farukhabad tradition hail as their apical ancestor. A great player in his day, he taught Jnan Prakash Ghosh, and other Calcutta notables (Rai Chand Boral, Mantu Banerjee, etc.) in addition to his son Keramatullah and grandson Sabir. In this excerpt from a 1955 recording by Jnan Babu, Masit Khan had aged rapidly (some believe he was born in the early 1880s) and his hands were no longer agile and coordinated. Nonetheless, it is an interesting demonstration of a few core Farukhabad compositions. This clip is from the peshkar.


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