Jahangir Khan of Indore lived to a ripe old age: reputedly, his dates are reputedly 1864 to 1976, which would have made him 112 when he died! He was the son of Ahmed Khan, and he learned from Nawab Feeroz Shah of Delhi. Later he learned from Mubarak Ali and Channu Khan, who were disciples of the founder of the Farukhabad tabla lineage, Haji Vilayat Ali Khan. He also learnt from Abid Hussain Khan of Lucknow (who was slightly younger than Jahangir Khan) as well as from Chote Kale Khan of Delhi (father of Gamey Khan). He was employed as a court musician in Indore. Jahangir Khan taught Mehboob Khan Mirajkar, who in turn taught Sheik Dawood. He was renowned for his repertoire of rare gats from Lucknow and Farukhabad. He had a magnificent, sweet tone, and maintained a remarkable control over the instrument till the end of his life. In this clip, likely recorded when he was around 100 years old, he plays a chakradar.

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