Dehli Gharana

Faiyaz Khan was born in Rajastan and is from the Delhi Gharana. Faiyaz Khan is a well known artist, who once was a singer but now is an amazing tabla player who has performed with various of musician's including, Ustad Amir Khan and many others. Faiyaz Khan has also taught many artists including Shahbaz Hussain and Heiko Dijker. His tabla sound is so amazing and is very marvellous to hear.

Here is an video of him playing in the Sadarang Concert 2005 with Shahbaz Hussain.

Here is also an audio of the evening:

Ustad Faiyyaz Khan - Teentaal Rela.mp3 Ustad Faiyyaz Khan - Teentaal Rela.mp3
Size : 1.495 Kb
Type : mp3

Here is some video's of him:

This is a video of Faiyaz Khansahib very young playing tabla.

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