1897-1969; Laliyana/Farukhabad tradition

Amir Hussain Khan was the nephew of Munir Khan of the Laliyana gharana, although these musicians are commonly associated with the Farukhabad gharana. Amir Hussain was very much a player of the old school, with a compendious knowledge of compositions of the old masters, and an understanding of the intricacies of fingering that made it possible to play the old gats. In this excerpt recorded in the 1960s Amir Hussain demonstrates two wonderful gats. The first is by Haji Vilayat Ali Khan (fl. mid 19th century), the apical figure of the Farukhabad tradition, and a prolific composer; the second is by Rehman Khan of Indore, who was well-known for his simple but very effective gats. from kippen.org

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